Because:Love Letter to the Brits

« Because »: Love Letter to the Brits

Don’t believe that you are the only ones who want to leave, to screw things up, to say : « After I’ve gone, do what you like ! » If we had to answer the same question tomorrow, we would certainly feel like doing the same. Some because it’s too market-oriented, others because it opens our borders to the four winds; some because European Union costs more than it brings in,  others because it doesn’t help the weak enough.

Besides, if you decide to leave, many will probably follow suit. Because the Greeks are fed up with austerity. Because the Irish prefer to keep their tax regime. Because the Hungarians fear that they will be invaded by refugees. Because the Germans could manage without it after all. And Because the French are down in the dumps and European Union must have something to do with it…

And after? Well, after, we will see. No need to listen to the prophets of doom who predict the end of the world if you step out. We will manage, anyhow, after a while.


Still, I don’t want you to go. Because I have learnt English with the Beatles, Wham and Captain Sensible; because since Marks & Spencer has reopened, I can buy scones and beans for breakfast; because the Monty Pythons are the funniest; because the « Prisoner » has shaped my identity by reminding me that « I am not a number, I am a free man » ; because « Skins » is « the » teen series neither idiotic nor simplistic; because I like to sing (awfully) Adele’s songs; because pop is British : because you have monsters in your lakes and sorcerers’ schools in your books; because you have been be standing at our side for decades ; because you are crazy and that’s cool, because you are sensible and that’s good:  because…. (to be completed)

Because we always bicker and end up getting closer and closer, like an irritating family.

Of course, you are free, free to leave us. But still. Personally, I love you and I prefer it when we are all together. So please, stay.

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  1. Adam a dit:

    We will always be neighbours and you can still be a closet Anglophile and your autoroutes will still be full of Brits heading on their holidays. If we vote Brexit we won’t fall off the planet.
    We just like the notion of democracy and I don’t remember voting for Junker, Tusk et al.

    • I understand. I don’t pretend the system is perfect. I just think that building something together (like peace and freedom of movement) does matter. Besides, do you really think that your country is less democratic since 1973 ?

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